The Botanical Garden at Nymphenburg

The Botanical Garden in the Nymphenburg area of Munich is one of the most important botanical gardens worldwide, covering an area of 21.2 hectares with over 350,000 visitors a year.

Flora and fauna from all over the world.

About 19,600 species and subspecies are cultivated here. Visitors can enjoy greenhouses with an area of 4,500 square metres, 2,000 types of orchids, the Palm House with primeval forest smells, the large Cactus House together with outdoor flowerbeds. Incidentally: if you are looking for a trip to tropical climates, you can reach the Botanical Garden with a short walk from the hotel; in summer even directly through the palace grounds.

Our tip!

Always a sensation and rare natural spectacle: don't miss the giant titan arum - when it blooms, the largest flower in the world.