Courtly Carriage Collections in Nymphenburg

Marstall Museum at Nymphenburg Palace

With its magnificent carriages that once belonged to the rulers of Bavaria, the Marstall Museum is the perfect place for horse lovers. It is located in the Südliche Kavaliersgebäude at Nymphenburg Palace in the "Leibbferd-Stallung": They were the nearest stables to the palace and therefore also the most prestigious.

The Museum

The Marstall Museum at Nymphenburg Palace in Munich is housed in the former stables in the south wing of the palace. The museum is one of the most important collections of royal carriages in the world. The collection features splendid coaches from the time of the Bavarian and Palatinate Electors and Kings from the House of Wittelsbach.

The highlight of the museum is, alongside other state and ceremonial coaches from the House of Wittlesbach, the Coronation Coach of Kaiser Karl VII, one of the finest state carriages of French rococo.