Bavarian State Scientific Collections

Museum of Man and Nature at Nymphenburg Palace

The Museum of Man and Nature is a natural history museum that has been housed in the immediate vicinity of the Botanical Garden at Nymphenburg Palace since its opening in 1990. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the programme also includes temporary exhibitions on a range of themes, as well as evening lectures, guided tours and much more. Children can enjoy the dioramas, displays, interactive exhibits and stuffed animals.

The Museum

The north wing of Nymphenburg Palace is home to the "Museum of Man and Nature" which is part of the Bavarian State Natural Science Collection. The museum offers visitors information in the areas of bio and earth sciences in a lively way. Fascinating insights into the history of our planet, human life and
nature and its roll in shaping the environment are provided by impressive dioramas, authentic natural objects, life like reproductions and interactive displays.

Our tip!

Always a sensation and rare natural spectacle: don't miss the giant titan arum - when it blooms, the largest flower in the world.