Tegernsee – Schliersee Alpine Region

The Alpine area at Tegernsee - Schliersee with its mountains and lakes offers fantastic scenery in both summer and winter - a picture postcard Bavaria. From one of the boats operated by the Seenschifffahrt company, wonderful views unfold with a wide Alpine panorama from the water.

Skiing Tradition in the Tegernsee – Schliersee Alpine Region

Skiing is close to people's heart here and has a long tradition. The skiing areas at Sudelfeld and Spitzingsee-Tegernsee are not only family-friendly and very pleasant; but also action-packed and sporty - promising everyone wonderful skiing away from the hustle and bustle of other slopes. As people who have skied for many years, we can but recommend this skiing area.

Hiking tours in summer on the Tegernsee

At Tegernsee, we recommend a hiking tour in this wonderful natural paradise, with visits to a traditional Alpine hut and well-known attractions such as the Ducal Fish Farm, Königsalm, Geißalm and Wolfsschlucht gorge.

The circular 'Siebenhütte' trail with seven Alpine farms is also an ideal walk for children. The hike is very accessible and wonderfully situated on the Hofbauernweißach river, above which are the Alpine summer meadows and farms.

A stop at a hut or in a mountain inn during a hike in spring, summer, autumn or winter is always a very special experience.

Our tip!

Take your swimming things with you - in summer it's possible to splash around in the pools. The homemade cakes at Königsalm are also fantastic.