Lake Starnberg

'Starnberger See' was created about 20,000 years ago during the last ice age. Just half and hour from Munich, Lake Starnberg normally offers wonderful views of the nearby Bavarian Alps as far as the Zugspitze. Starnberger See is the second largest lake in Bavaria before the neighbouring Ammersee. This is the reason why Starnberger See is an exceptionally attractive residential area: no other region in Bavaria has so many old villas and palaces.

Sisi's Palace at Possenhofen

Probably the most famous building of the aristocracy is Possenhofen Palace, which was once lived in by the Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Very few of the many visitors walking in the palace park know the actual story of Possenhofen Palace. A walk there is worth it in any case. Many amateur sports people use the Starnberger See for surfing, sailing, rowing or fishing. Golfers will also be happy: there are several lakeside golf courses with wonderful views of the lake.

Our tip!

Next to Feldafing there is a small island - the Roseninsel - which can be reached from the shore by ferry. The Roseninsel is an idyllic carfree island with a formal garden and park, in which there is a small palace known as the Casino where wedding ceremonies are regularly held.